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InfoAtoms is an interesting addition to browsers like: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer. It was designed to provide users with information regarding specific words and expressions that they highlight with the mouse cursor. The interface of InfoAtoms consists of three tabs: Research, Translate, and Thesaurus.

On Research section, users will get to access Wikipedia information related to the highlighted term, as well as search results provided by Bing search engine. As a Google user, I was quite disappointed by this promising plugin because it has no option to change the search engine that it employs. As for the translation tab, I didn't manage to get it working. Even so, Thesaurus proved to be quite useful providing accurate information for almost any term I tested.

In my opinion, InfoAtoms is best suited for common users, students and other professionals in the education field. It doesn't distract you from your work and the way of accessing it is quite original. The little blue button will appear only if at least a word is highlighted. On the other hand, professionals from other fields should not resume to a browser plugin to do their research.

Margie Smeer
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  • Lightweight
  • Free
  • Provides comprehensive information


  • The translation section doesn't seem to work
  • It doesn't allow you to change the search engine that it uses
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